Music; A medicine to calm the mind against the coronavirus

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The undeniable role of music in influencing our emotions is not hidden from anyone. Music waves have a profound effect on the human spirit and emotions due to their emotional load. Music can be used as a powerful tool to relieve stress. Listening to music can give a lot of peace to our mind and body, especially a soft piece of music will have beneficial effects on physiological functions. Reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure and reduces the secretion of stress hormones. آهنگ یعنی میشه بیای Music allows us to discover some of our repressed emotions and prevents the mind from wandering around the alley of obsession and anxiety.


Music; Accompanying for all seasons

According to one of the principles of aesthetics, the concept of beauty will vary at different times and places. So the effect of music on the same not so pleasant current conditions on each person can be different. نوحه یا حسین غریب مادر So the most wrong thing to do at this time is to use a style of music as a public version for everyone.

Because a piece of music has a different effect on each person, only the person can determine what music he likes and which song is more suitable for him in different moods. It is not unlikely that a listener would find the comfort of listening to a cello solo by an artist like Jacqueline Dupre at the Elgar Violin Concerto by listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Eric Clapton’s Dark Edge.

Not every beautiful music is suitable for this situation

But in all these cases, it is clear and proven that in such a situation, avoiding works of music with a load of protest and a violent concept can be the right thing to do. من هنوز عکسای دوتاییمونو دارمSome music harmonizes the mind and body and thus improves the quality of life.

 Of course, we can safely say that when we examine the role of music in reducing stress, we mean good music is a type of music that can help reduce stress, and in this article we do not intend to value music styles at all.

Proper music reduces chronic excitement, sadness, treats depression, and boosts self-esteem. Taking a look at the pictures published in cyberspace, we will find that nurses feel less tired by listening to music and are doing their serious work in a better mood at work.

Classical music is an uncomplicated sedative

Music can affect the hormonal system, heart rate and blood pressure. Researchers believe that when we listen to classical music, حيدر حيدر محمود كريمي this type of music has effects on our brain, and these effects cause changes in our brain that affect our body and mind.

Research has shown that music is not the only background for your activities when you are doing something and listening to quiet classical music at the same time; Rather, it promotes your mental, intellectual, physical, and mental health by making your performance more efficient and the results of your activities more efficient. In addition, the notes will relax you during work and activity and in general, the time of waking up, بزن بارانbut also during rest and sleep, and will improve the quality of your sleep. The positive impact of classical music is undeniable. It does not matter what age you are or what your social status is. Be it a student or a student, an employee or an entrepreneur, you are human in any case and classical music can be one of the best foods for your body and soul. So that nothing can give you more peace and comfort.


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